Nursing Personal Statement

Nursing Personal Statement – Tips + Examples

Today we will learn how to write a brilliant nursing personal statement. If you are applying to become a nurse, and also attending a nursing training course, you will need to submit a personal statement. And in this article, I’m going to give you a nursing personal statement example and also give you some great tips as to how to structure one yourself. So, this is what I am going to cover during this comprehensive training tutorial.

  1. What to include in a nurse personal statement
  2. The qualities the assessors are looking for
  3. Reasons – why you might want to become a nurse
  4. 5 great things to put in any nursing personal statement to make it stand out
  5. SAMPLE NURSING PERSONAL STATEMENT to help you prepare your own
  6. How to end your nursing personal statement

What is Nursing Personal Statement?

We need to understand what one is before we can write one. A nursing personal statement is a written document that all people applying for a nursing study course must submit.

What to Include in a Nurse Personal Statement?

These are the things that you should include in a nurse personal statement.

  1. You should tell them why you want to become a nurse. Start off your personal statement by saying… “I want to become a nurse because…”
  2. What has attracted you to nursing? Think about the reasons why you want to get into nursing. Has anything attracted you before? Have you conducted any kind of work experience previously, or have you had any experience of caring for people.
  3. Tell them the qualities that you have already that are relevant to the role. Maybe you are a good communicator. Maybe you are a patient person; somebody who can show empathy when needed. The list goes on. These are all good qualities that you might have that will ring in a positive manner with the assessors when they are reading your personal statement.
  4. Show the assessors your understanding of the role of the nurse and what will be expected of you, once you qualify. My advice is to make reference to the core values of nursing and include the six C’s of nursing. I will tell you what those are if you don’t know.
  5. Address the challenges of the nursing course you are applying to study. Demonstrate to the assessors that you fully appreciate how much work will need to go into this study course, and how you are prepared for that. Because they only want to take on people who are fully committed and who are going to finish the course and gain the highest scores possible.
  6. You should end your nursing personal statement with a powerful ending paragraph that demonstrates why they should accept you.
So these 6 things that you need to include within your nursing personal statement.

Nursing Personal Statement Example

1# Why you want to be a nurse?

I want to become a nurse because I have a genuine and honest passion to not only care for people but to also help to educate them to lead healthier lives and make better lifestyle choices. With the role of a nurse, there comes a huge amount of responsibility, and I believe the qualities I possess will eventually make me a highly proficient and competent member of the nursing team, once I have successfully completed my studies.

2# What has attracted you to nursing?

I was initially attracted to nursing during a stint of work experience at a local care home. During this time, I got to see first-hand the exceptional work the care workers and nursing staff undertook and also the dedication they showed


within the role. Coupled with the qualities I feel I already possess, I knew at that stage I wanted to become a nurse.

So I started to explore the different educational courses available. During my work experience at the care home, I watched, listened, observed, and participated in a number of patient needs’ assessments, and this was an invaluable insight into the necessary patience, communication skills, and commitment to quality of care that is required as a professional nurse. The course I am applying for today via this personal statement is clearly one that will put me in a great position to deliver the core values of nursing.

3# The qualities you possess that are relevant to the role.

The qualities I have that I feel will help me to study effectively and also become a competent nurse, include patience and empathy, and the ability to follow rules and procedures, the desire to continually improve whilst acting in a professional manner, and also the ability to maintain competence in everything I do.

I am also a strong communicator, I will be totally dedicated to my studies, and I can also plan my work properly to make sure I meet all deadlines and submission dates throughout the duration of this nursing course.

4# Your understanding of the role of a nurse and what will be expected of you?

I fully understand and appreciate the responsibility I will have as a nurse, and on that basis, I appreciate why it is important you only accept students onto this nursing course who are totally committed to their studies, and to the nursing profession overall. Throughout my life to date, I have always acted with honesty and integrity and I can be relied upon to maintain the highest standards achievable at all times, whilst also demonstrating confidentiality when needed.

I have studied the role of a nurse in detail, including the core values and the 6 Cs, and I feel can uphold and maintain the necessary requirements of the role.

5# Address the challenges of the nursing course you are applying to study.

Having studied the nursing course curriculum in detail, I understand I will need to dedicate a large amount of time to not only complete all of the relevant modules but also pass them with the highest grades achievable. In the past, whenever I have undertaken studies, I utilize a plan of action that ensures I allocate the correct amount of time to research, writing, and also learning the relevant aspects of the course I am undertaking.

I also understand that to become a competent and professional nurse, the hard work starts on this course and I am totally committed to putting in the work and commitment necessary to succeed. 

6# End with a powerful statement that demonstrates why they should accept your application.

There are many ambitious and dedicated people who apply for nursing courses. However, I feel the effort and the commitment I will put into my studies, and my role as a nurse once I am qualified, make me a worthy contender for a place on this course.

I understand the responsibility that comes with the role of a nurse, and I will always uphold the highest standards of professionalism, competence, and commitment to quality of care if I am offered the opportunity to study on this course. Thank you for considering my application.

So, that is a powerful, powerful nursing personal statement that covers all six core areas that I feel you should include within your personal statement! The only thing that you would need to change is obviously the relevant work experience that you have. I made a reference thereto working in a care home and how I watched, listened, and observed what the care workers and nursing staff were doing. Think about any relevant work experience you may have that you could include within your own personal statement. 

I made reference to the six C’s of nursing within my application. These are basically the core values of all nursing staff and they are being somebody who is CARING and can show empathy in patients when needed. Having COMPETENCE, which means that you are able to carry out your role in line with the relevant procedures, the guidelines and the operational practices that are needed.

So you’re professional all times. You demonstrate a level of COMMITMENT to the role. You are always there when needed and you are totally committed; committed to upholding the necessary standards of being a nurse. You can COMMUNICATE properly. You show COURAGE when needed and you are also COMPASSIONATE. So, those are the 6 C’s.

6cs of nursing


5 Great Things to Write in Any Nursing Personal Statement

1# I have studied the core values required to become a competent and professional nurse and I feel the qualities I have will enable me to excel within the role.

2#  Prior to applying for this nursing course, I considered carefully the level of responsibility that comes with the role.

3# To be successful on this nursing course, I understand I will need to dedicate a large amount of time to reading, researching and preparing effectively for the accompanying examinations. It is my aim to become a professional nurse, and my journey starts right here on this nursing course.

4# I am a caring, compassionate and committed person who will always strive to continually improve as a nurse, once I am fully qualified following the successful completion of this nursing course.

5# If I am successful in my application to enroll onto this nursing course, I will study hard, dedicate the necessary time to be successful, and always act in a manner that is commensurate with the required standards of nursing.

There are five things that you could include within your personal statement. Now, it’s important to say that any of this information that I’ve given you, you should only use it if it is applicable to your own standards, and the qualities and experience that you possess. You can’t just put this information down unless it is a MATCH for what you believe in. And as I say, the necessary qualities and experience that you have gained in your life so far. So here is every thing you need to know when you write your nursing personal statement.

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